Set up a trunk device

Trunk interface automatically connects to one of multiple Ethernet or wifi devices.

Trunks are virtual interfaces consisting of one or more network interfaces. In this section, our example will be a laptop with a wired bge0 interface and a wireless iwn0 interface. We will build a trunk(4) interface using both of them. The wired and wireless interfaces must be connected to the same layer two network.

Wireless Networking Docs

1. Devices

List devices


The listed devices are

  • Ethernet hostname.em0

  • WiFi hostname.iwm0

  • Trunk hostname.trunk0


2. Ethernet device

Edit the /etc/hostname.em0 to contain only up


3. Wifi device

Edit the /etc/hostname.iwm0 add WiFi networks. One per each line separated by a space join $SSID wpakey $PASSWORD and add up on the last line. In the photo below passwords are deleted but they come after wpakey.


4. Trunk device

Create a new file for the trunk device.

nano /etc/hostname.trunk0

Add the following lines to it. Change the names of interfaces as needed to match your own.

trunkproto failover trunkport em0
trunkport iwm0
inet autoconf


5. Restart network



Should connect to WiFi, if not reboot.