Upgrade OpenBSD

Upgrade Guide: 6.9 to 7.0

OpenBSD posts a upgrade guide documentation link for the latest release on their faq page.


  • Verify /usr partition space.

  • Run sysupgrade

  • Run sysmerge if needed.

  • Run pgk_add -u

Upgrade process:

1. Verify space

To verify at least 1.1 GB of space on /usr run the following command:

df -h /usr

2. Upgrade

Upgrade the system by running:


3. Auto-reboot

System will reboot and run sysmerge and you can proceed to step 4. In some cases, configuration files cannot be modified automatically, then run sysmerge ater reboot.

4. Update packages

Run pgk_add -u to updade all packages, reboot, why not, enjoy.


Check space on /usr partition


Sysupgrade running