Install GNOME on OpenBSD

You may skip this step and use the X Window Manager that is installed by default on OpenBSD and proceed to installing Firefox ESR and ProtonVPN.

If you prefer more to have more Desktop Environment features you can install GNOME by following the instructions below.

1. Install

Install GNOME with extras and nano text editor.

pkg_add gnome gnome-extras nano

2. Config

Edit /etc/login.conf file and add the following below:

nano /etc/login.conf


This will create a "gnome" login class and set proper limits needed to run GNOME, and also give gdm the default limits of xenodm.

3. Setup Users

Then add a user to the 'gnome' login class.

Do this for any user that will be running GNOME.

usermod -L gnome ${username}

4. Enable GNOME

Then run the following to disable 'xenodm' and enable 'gdm' (GNOME display manager) along with packages necessary to run GNOME.

rcctl disable xenodm
rcctl enable multicast messagebus avahi_daemon gdm

Gnome Port Notes